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SWRGM-49S | Radio Replacement Interface with Steering Wheel Control Retention for GM Vehicles 2019 - Up

The CRUX SWRGM-49S is a Radio Replacement interface for select General Motors vehicles 2019 - Up that are equipped with a 56 pin connector for the headunit. It facilitates the integration of an after-market radio to retain factory features in GM IOS, IOT, or IOU bus vehicles. This enhanced interface is also pre-programmed for retention of steering wheel controls.

– Retains chime functions.
– Pre-programmed to retain factory Steering Wheel Controls
– RAP (Retained Accessory Power).
– Provides illumination, parking brake, reverse, and speed sense outputs.
– Made for non-amplified vehicles or vehicles that will have their amps bypassed


– Does not retain Bose amplifier.
– Does not retain OnStar.

2019 – UP  XT4


2019-Up  Blazer*
2019-Up  Camaro*
2019-UP  Colorado
2019-Up  Equinox*
2019-Up  Malibu*
2019-Up  Silverado*
2019         Volt

2019-Up   Acadia*
2019-Up  Canyon
2019-Up  Sierra 1500*
2019-Up  Terrain*

*USE GM49S-EXT, 5 foot Extension Harness is used with GM IOU or IOS in cases where the Radio Control Module is located
at front passenger side ( by the door hinge)


Compatible with the following radio codes: IOS, IOT, or IOU
Note: The radio code can be found in the Glove Box.
Note: Newer model GM vehicles are now using a QR code label. If the Service Parts Identification Label is not located in the Glove Box, reference the Vehicle Certification Label on the driver’s door jamb opening for the QR code.