BEPRS-43 | Bluetooth® for Porsche Vehicles w/ PCM 2.1 Navigation Systems

The CRUX BEPRS-43 Bluetooth Connectivity Kit is tailored to integrate mobile phones in select Porsche automobiles that are equipped with the PCM 2.1 NavigationSystem. It seamlessly integrates the mobile phone book for ease of accessibility. Note: A2DP Audio streaming will only be heard through the front speakers.

  • Optimal Bluetooth connection for a “Handsfree” driving experience.
  • Automatically mutes the audio source for an incoming call.
  • Microphone with volume-adjustable feature through infotainment system.
  • A2DP audio streaming through CD-changer emulation (requirement:
    factory CD-changer coded but not installed)

    • Mono Sound Only
    • In 2005-2006 Porsche vehicles, music streaming is only possible through 1 or 2 speakers
  • Up to 10 mobile phones can be paired simultaneously
  • Use of factory/vehicle buttons to control phone functions
  • Mobile phone book integration (up to 400 phone numbers)
  • Audio adjustment and settings through vehicle infotainment system
  • SMS reading and writing if supported by mobile phone
Vehicle Compatibility
911 2005-08
Boxster 2005-08
Cayenne 2005-08
with the following navigation / radio system:
Navigation / Radio System Compatibility
PCM 2.1 with SIM-Card-Slot*

*Not compatible with PCM Systems that are without a SIM-Card-Slot

NOTE: A2DP Audio streaming in Mono sound only. In 2005-2006 Porsche vehicles, music streaming is only possible through 1 or 2 speakers.

Phone-specific Note for iPhone 5S / iOS 7 and up: Siri Voice command may not respond properly. Standard Voice command may have to be used instead.